A World of Opportunities For Food Delivery Businesses

Leading Fast Food Chain Increases Sales with Faster Deliveries and Improved Customer Experience
July 19, 2018
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July 31, 2018

A World of Opportunities For Food Delivery Businesses

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Do you remember marvelling at the idea of gorging on your favorite ice-cream from the ice-cream parlor that was strategically placed near your school? Or how a pizza shop lured you in when you walked out of your office after a long, hectic day? Well, they practised the law of proximity, critical to sales for any business in the food industry.

Until last decade, having a pizza shop near an office was just not enough. People had no time to go and buy what they wanted to eat. The concept of front door food delivery unfolded to cater to customers who wanted to eat in the luxury of their home or office. But front door food delivery soon shoveled multiple pitfalls in its business model, such as

  • Delays due to traffic
  • Delivery refusals
  • Infuriated customers
  • Unoptimized routes
  • Lost customers
  • …and more

We witnessed a similar story few months ago. One of the largest chain of fast food restaurants approached us to deliver a location based solution for select regions in India. To dive deeper into their business problems we spoke with Anil*, who works as an Operations manager with the globally distributed fast-food chain.

Their claim to fame was a delivery promise of 30 minutes or less – or they give them away for free. The possibility of timely delivery is determined based on following factors:

  • Delivery location’s distance from the store
  • Estimated traffic
  • Drivers / delivery staff availability
  • Number of other deliveries the store currently has

According to Anil, out of the 30 mins promised delivery time frame, preparation, and boxing of food takes 10-12 minutes, 8 mins are dedicated to arranging logistics and 10 mins to ferry their piping hot cargo to customer’s front door. This meant rider must know every road, street, pothole, traffic signal, construction site, and traffic choke point, in fast-changing densely populated cities. Without technology’s back it was just not possible!

“During the process, our disappointing moments were customer refusals due to late food delivery, dissatisfied customers….And all of that happened because we did not have access to customer’s accurate location, live traffic updates, road topography, etc.” adds Anil.

Their traditional approach to analyze locations was painfully slow and exhausting. The employees used to manually scout the streets, painstakingly create hand-drawn maps of the delivery perimeters, manually pointed out landmarks such as fire stations, traffic signals, etc. Every new store took 1 month of setup time and this information was never updated. Also each store setup was expensive and it took 2 months after the store opening to start deliveries which meant loss of business. It took them 5 years to analyze store locations for just 250 stores in select regions.

The fast-food brand was dealing with decreasing revenue and was losing out on their customer base when they approached us. Being their digital consulting advisor, we recommended a solid fix for their problem, which was location intelligence with Google Maps.

They were lost and locationally challenged with…

  • Demarking delivery perimeter for each store
  • Knowing where the customer exactly is
  • Updating delivery perimeters as per season/time
  • Unoptimized routes
  • No traffic updates for drivers

The Google Maps powered location intelligence solution helped their Operations team to :

  • Automatically update location data pertaining to road topography & newly developed properties
  • Assess individual delivery personnel performance
  • Track and predict changes in customer preferences, behavior and demography
  • Enable customers to view their in-flight orders and hence reduce refusals

The solution helped their Executive team to :

  • Implement corrective and preventive strategies based on data insights
  • Geo-tag customers and target them with relevant e-coupons, offers and deals
  • Detect poorly performing stores from a delivery perspective
  • Re-assess each outlet’s geographical service area once or twice a year

Top five Google Maps powered location intelligence capabilities to solve food delivery challenges

With Location Intelligence, operations managers can closely monitor what’s happening with their delivery staff out on road, how happy the customers are, and further decide necessary cuts and adjustments required to improve overall operational functioning and efficiency. Here we unravel the opportunities steered by location intelligence with Google Maps, that can help you rapidly grow your food delivery business.

Business and Offer Locator

Businesses need to be found physically. Boost your sales with interactive business and offer locator. This is a ready-to-deploy solution which can be deployed for any business very quickly.

  • Provide customers with updated store information and store locations closest to them
  • Put your geo-data on map to connect with customers
  • Let customers find their way to your business stores
  • Drive sales opportunities and incremental visibility in search results by providing search engines with an authoritative, indexable guide to your locations
  • Solution syncs with your offers database and serves most relevant offers to the customers. The offers can be looked up by categories and subcategories, discount percentages etc.

Order Tracking

Experience tracking and monitoring technology that is sophisticated, easy to use, and practical. Bring transparency and clear visibility into the operations through location technology that precisely locates and manages widely dispersed assets from a centralized, real-time map.

  • Track food deliveries in real-time
  • Define serviceable areas based on time of day, season, hours of operation

Geo-Perimeter Definition

Virtually define your store’s geo perimeter on the map that can be setup to fire notifications when your field assets enter or exit the perimeter, cover orders for other nearby stores, and much more!

  • Auto create a deliver perimeter based on distance from store or delivery time
  • Cover white spaces between delivery perimeter for neighbouring stores
  • Ensure safety of your delivery staff. Turn down orders from areas with high crime rates, road closures, traffic conditions, water logging etc.
  • Understand regular traffic conditions in an area
  • Re-route orders to appropriate store based on order pipeline, delivery personnel availability for overlapping delivery perimeters
  • Create more than one delivery perimeter for each store and then switch between them based on time of the day, season, holidays, and store delivery pipeline

Delivery Optimization

Faster deliveries could be a differentiator for your food delivery business. Customers prefer restaurants which have less delivery time and who honor the delivery promise. In the wake of the need, the solution helps you create optimum delivery perimeter for each restaurant / store so as to not turn down any order and at the same time meet the delivery SLA.

  • Optimize deliveries to reduce costs and increase field employees’ productivity
  • Get real-time visibility into SLA adherence, delivery productivity per resources, per store, per city
  • Real time dashboards like complete view of the delivery system including in-flight orders, orders running late, prediction of shortage of delivery capacity etc. on a map based view
  • Transparency in job scheduling and routing
  • Post dispatch, let customer track their order

Routing and Scheduling Optimization

Plan & optimize your on-the-fly & scheduled deliveries within promised time windows and SLAs. With advanced planning, routing, and scheduling algorithms, the system automatically calculates fastest and most efficient routes and multi-stop schedules for field workforce.

  • Simplify job allocation, scheduling and routing
  • Up-to-date road topography, present traffic conditions
  • Group orders for delivery, assign to appropriate field staff, and track all orders to closure
  • Create rooster of delivery staff and also inform them which store to report to
  • With check in/out feature to manage the part time delivery staff

Location Intelligence Advisory by Google Maps Certified Consultants

Google is the leader in mapping technology with capabilities to serve very specialized business purpose. Our Advisory board help customers effectively use Google Maps.

  • Understanding various types and terms of licenses and choose the right one
  • Configuring Google Maps licenses to ensure security and appropriate usage
  • Understanding the Google Maps APIs

Interested to know more? Get in touch with us or request a demo and explore how to map success with a robust, Google Maps powered location intelligence system.


*Name changed