Dista Deliver – Automate Your Delivery Planning and Operations With Dista Deliver

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Dista Deliver

Automate Your Delivery Planning and Operations With Dista Deliver

  • Customizable AI-ready platform
  • Integrates with current systems
  • Automates delivery routing & scheduling
  • Real-time notifications & insights

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A delivery not reaching your customer on time is as good as not delivered at all.

With Dista Deliver, ensure that nothing goes undelivered to your customers, literally.

Powered by Google Maps and built on Google Cloud Platform, Dista Deliver is a dynamic location-enabled platform that automates your delivery operations end-to-end, letting you focus more on your core business.

Multiple deliveries in the time of one using Dista Deliver

Deliver Value

Delight your customers by reducing delays and cancellations – be it in-person delivery or curbside pick-up. Utilize the saved time and potential to add more value.

Deliver Efficiency

Increase your operational efficiency and let the ready-to-deploy Dista Deliver optimize your field agents, delivery runs and operational costs.

Deliver Innovation

Real-time field tracking, visual analytics and reporting, automated scheduling and field asset management, geotagging, and efficient vehicle filling are now a reality!

Dista Deliver can help you address some of these challenges

Manual and un-informed decisions on delivery zones and serviceable areas

Error prone, manual job allocation based on outdated and static data available in sheets

Traditional phone based coordination resulting in delayed deliveries & high refusals

Limited visibility into the delivery agents and moving assets in the field

Lack of insights into customers’ locations, delivery time preference and other business-critical parameters

Inefficient vehicle loading and routing based on manual judgement

Lack of data intelligence to steer efficient operations

Missed SLAs resulting in poor customer experience and diluted brand reputation

Customizable & Ready to Deploy

Real-time, in-field view of the entire delivery process

Automate job scheduling to save costs and optimize time and distance constraints

Achieve high vehicle fill ratio using a dedicated assistant

Factor-in business, traffic and city restrictions while scheduling and routing

Leverage geotagging to maintain cloud-based proofs of delivery

Live notifications to customers and operations team to track delivery status

SOS option for delivery agents to report vehicle breakdown or other extreme situations

Easily integrable with your existing systems through excels, CSVs, jSONs or APIs

BI with accurate dashboarding - detailed logs, heatmaps & visual analytics

One-stop white-labelled, secure, custom branded & compliant platform

Automate Your Delivery Planning and Operations With Dista Deliver