A Customizable Location Intelligence Platform

Dista Field

In the age of Uber, field service companies are struggling to meet the demands of their customers. The need of the hour is real time tracking of field technicians, optimized scheduling of work orders and a lot more. Dista Field empowers field service companies to streamline their mobile workforce to do more thereby delighting the end consumer.

Dista Force

Your field force spends a significant time not in job completion, but in waiting for job assignment, manually submitting reports and searching for the locations. More often than not, communication and tracking their progress is an unstructured process, adding to business and time overheads. Dista Force can help you with this.

Dista Deliver

When customers are waiting for their packages and products, it is very essential that the packages and products reach them on time. But the traditional delivery management system has not been able to keep up pace with the time-criticality and increasing size of this service. Dista Deliver is probably what you were looking for.

Dista Track

Once the fleet vehicles leave for jobs, the connectivity among the operations center, vehicle and the customer is limited only to hand-held phones. This adds up to a significant time and cost overhead. Further, in cases of emergencies, this traditional method can lead to delayed communication. Dista Track solves this for you.

Dista Route

Everyday, numerous sales agents leave your offices to drive the sales numbers and add more revenue. In the fast-paced market, your sales agents need to be faster. Still relying on traditional beat route management systems can be slowing your processes and not utilizing your resources judiciously. Dista Route has an answer for all these.

Dista Schedule

Manual scheduling of fleet and resources is an exhaustive and lengthy process. It is not feasible to consider dynamic constraints, like, traffic, distance, vehicle capacity, load, in manual trip sheet creation, and thus leads to missed SLAs. Dista Schedule considers these factors and lets you schedule more methodically.

Dista Verify

Your address database is a valuable business asset that you have created and edited over years. However, due to a variety of reasons – manual entries or change in landscape – the data in it might not be ready for use. It is critical given how getting to the wrong address can lead to missed SLAs. Dista Verify can help clean and format your addresses.

Dista Survey

Surveying a prospective business location is an exhaustive and tiring process, that takes time and requires intensive paperwork. Maintaining all the paperwork and deriving the information needed to take decisions from these paperwork can be manually draining. Dista Survey can make your surveys more easy, efficient and effective.

Dista Insight

For your business to continually evolve and expand, there has to be a steady access to insights from your historical and real-time data of operations. Given how many businesses are out there with similar offerings like yours, you need an input that would set you apart from such competitions. Dista Insight is that input.

Dista Converse

Customers feel more engaged and satisfied when you are available whenever they need. In this well connected world, your customers might still feel neglected and unheard due to the deployment of human resources for more critical jobs, and hence, the unavailability of support at times of need. Dista Converse is available whenever your customer needs you.

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