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Personalize Your Customer Interactions With Dista Converse
Stay Connected to Your Customers - Always

A hybrid between technology and human touch can provide your business the speed and the personalization that customers sought today.

Customers look out for more personalized communication which make them feel more heard, involved, and in touch with the businesses. Dista Converse, built on Dialogflow – a powerful engine that is equipped with ML algorithms, provides your customers with personalization, and helps you gain trust of the customers.

A step closer to redefining customer experience

Customer Touchpoints

Be available to your customers – at all times

Evolve with ML/AI

Analyze the customer chats to derive actionable insights

Productive and Faster

Answer FAQs quickly, with easy-to-digest multimedia files


Longer response cycle owing to intermittent availability of human resources

Spending critical human and business time on answering similar, repetitive questions

Lack of human touch in the IVR and dull interactions, devoid of multimedia

Unavailability of a communication channel that is accessible anywhere, anytime

Lack of insights from customer interactions

Dependency on static location and business data

Conversational Intelligence to interact with your customers

Automate your customer interaction while retaining the human touch

Expand your services and business ideas through insights from self-learning ML/AI

Leverage the scalable, convenient, multi-channel, and 24x7x365 available chatbots

Reduce costs, time, and human errors with a faster, highly personalized solution

The chatbot can handover the conversation to your agents whenever needed

Converse through interactive and relatable multimedia files

Personalize your conversations with voices, emotions and sarcasm

Skip repeating similar ideas and recommend solutions to your customers

Multi-lingual and easily integrable with your existing systems

BI with accurate dashboarding that includes detailed visual analytics

Personalize Your Customer Interactions With Dista Converse

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