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Enhance Your Field Force Management with Location Enabled Dista Force

With hundreds of your agents on field, it is smarter for your business to focus on job completion, than on frequent coordination and scheduling.

Dista Force is a dynamic location-enabled automation platform, powered by Google Maps and built on Google Cloud Platform. It cost-effectively schedules, routes and tracks your field agents in real-time and helps you in scaling your field operations.

Experience effective Field Force Management on Dista platform

Increase Productivity

Allot multiple jobs on-the-go and reduce reporting time

Reduce Operational Cost

Transfer all the operations to a centralized system

Adapt Easily

Integrate with the current field force management systems

Derive Strategic Insights

In-app data to get visual and dynamic insights


Your field force is the face of your business to the customer. Field force is responsible for time critical face-to-face jobs, like – pick-up, delivery, and providing services. Efficient management of field force is crucial to achieving targets and gaining customer trust.

Dista platform can address the some of these frequent problems:

Limited visibility of in-field operations

Inefficient manual scheduling and planning of agents

Traditional call based coordination

Dependence on static location and business data

Limited knowledge of serviceable zones

Missed SLAs & Refusal of Orders

Lack of data intelligence to steer efficient operations


Optimized Scheduling & Routing

Automate job scheduling and routing based on time and distance. Factor-in business, traffic, safety and city restrictions.

Territory Optimization

Recreate operational zones on your admin dashboard. Verify addresses and decide serviceable areas through geotagging.

Central Decision Dashboard

360 degree real-time, cockpit view of the entire operations with live tracking links. SOS for field agents to report vehicle breakdown or other emergencies.

Reporting and Analytics

Enhanced reporting through in-app completion of jobs. BI with accurate dashboarding that includes detailed logs, heatmaps and visual analytics.

Instant Alerts & Coordination

Live notifications to customers and operations team. Complete jobs and start new jobs immediately via instant relaying of status messages.

Business Branding

White-labelled, secure, custom branded, multi-lingual, compliant and easily integrable with your existing systems.

Ensure The Security Of Your Field Agents and Jobs With Compliant Dista Force

Secured through OTPs

Ensure only correct transactions happen through OTP based verification

Exception Handling

Built-in shock absorption to manage problems occuring in field

Data Privacy

Anonymize all sensitive data for PII compliance

Auto Cleansing

Automate cleansing of data to avoid any accidents with data

Enhance Your Field Force Management with Location Enabled Dista Force

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