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Dista Insight

Visualize Your Business Data, And Take Informed Decisions with Dista Insight

Everything your business does has a location pivot. And meaningful insights from these location pivots can turn around your business.

Dista Insight is an AI-ready business analytics platform powered by Google Maps and built on the Google Cloud Platform. It has the potential to become your one-stop command center to visualize and control all your business operations from a single dashboard. It leverages geotagged data sets of your business and helps to derive valuable insights by   co-relating business data with meaningful location data.

Knowing more about your business is an intelligent investment

Ease of Use

Centralized access to intuitive reports and multi-purpose dashboards

Data Capture

Import historical data, or capitalize on real-time data from the field

Responsive and Flexible

Create, edit, publish and visualize data insights on the fly


Your business may be facing a dormant yet critical business challenge – lack of meaningful insights. Deficit of timely insights keeps the true potential of your business untapped. Accurate and timely insights provide an opportunity to optimize business operations, reduce costs, and take decisions regarding serviceable areas, SLAs, business expansion and more. However, keeping track of manual logs and endless spreadsheets becomes a tedious, laborious task, and does not inspire intelligent decision making, as insights from these sources may be not be intuitive or accurate.

Dista platform can address some of these common business  problems:

Limited visibility of your in-field operations

Missing valuable chunks of important business data

Prone to manual errors in preparing business reports

Voluminous, paper-based inconvenient processing of data

Lengthy and verbose reports that are difficult to digest

Data reports and access to data that is currently in silos

Untapping the potential of real-time location data

Customizable & Ready to Deploy

Business Intelligence and Analytics on Operations Data

Power your insights into your business operations with a locationized dimension.

Import Data

Use live, in-app data or import data into the easy to integrate and use application.

Market Research Intelligence

Use device simulations based on historical data for market research, and use the resultant reports and visualizations to take predictive and prescriptive business decisions.

Multiple Visualizations

Create new or modify existing reports based on historical and real-time data. Supplement with heat maps, proportional circles, territories and interactive dashboards.


Have an expansive view with maps, geolayer parameters on the map, and use distinct brand symbols and colours. Click on dashboards to drill-down on the information.

Decision Support System

Get drilled down analysis through reports and dashboards to measure KPIs. Perform predictive analysis to support decision making.

Business Branding

White-labelled, secure, custom branded, multi-lingual, compliant and easily integrable with your existing systems through excels, CSVs, jSONs or APIs.

Visualize Your Business Data, And Take Informed Decisions with Dista Insight

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