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Dista Route

Expand and Maximise Your Sales Coverage With Dista Route
A Smart & Customizable Sales Beat Planner

Your field reps spend hours on the field and Dista Route can help you to maximize their sales coverage and increase your sales reach.

Powered by Google Maps and built on Google Cloud Platform, Dista Route is a dynamic location-enabled platform that automates your sales beat routing. This intelligent platform chalks out your ‘permanent journey plans’ while adhering to your business SLAs in a cost effective way.

Dista Route takes on the tough task of sales beat planning

Boost Productivity

Allot multiple sales jobs on-the-go and reduce reporting time

Reduce Operational Costs

Go paperless and move all operations to a centralized system

Integrate and Scale Easily

Integrate with the current sales beat management systems

Data and Insights

Get visual and dynamic insights from In-app data


Sales beats provide your business a face-to-face connect with customers. Your field agents visit multiple customers and stores in a day to get new orders, renew supplies and to get new customers. It is a race against time since multiple businesses have their salesmen deployed on the same routes as yours. In addition, sales beat planning and execution faces a lot of challenges, which Dista platform can help address:

Limited in-field visibility of operations

Inefficient, manual sales beat planning

Traditional call-based reporting

Dependency on static location data

Absence of customer preferences data

Missed SLAs & Refusal of Orders

Limited coverage of operational zones and serviceable areas

Customizable & Ready to Deploy

Dynamic and Smarter Routing

Consider business, traffic, safety and government parameters, and time and distance constraints while charting beat routes and save costs.

Territories - Manual and Automatic

Replicate infield view on the system. Define the serviceable and safe territories using geo-tagging and expand based on market demands.

Cockpit View of Operations

Get a 360 degree, real-time, in-field view of the entire sales fleet via a central dashboard. Report from the field irregularities and vehicle breakdown using SOS option.

Reporting and Analytics

Report seamlessly through in-app completion of jobs. Use accurate dashboarding that includes detailed logs, heatmaps and visual analytics for BI.

Instant Communication

Deliver live notifications to customers and operations team to track status. Complete jobs and start new jobs instantly – all in-app.

Business Friendliness

Integrate this white-labelled, secure, custom branded and compliant platform with your existing systems through excels, CSVs, jSONs or APIs.

Expand and Maximise Your Sales Coverage With Dista Route

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