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Carry Out Extensive Surveys Easily With Dista Survey

Don’t let your survey projects fall through the cracks!

Dista Survey is a cloud based, location intelligence platform that facilitates in-field data capture as part of the planning process and ‘Daily Progress Reporting’ as part of the inspection and acceptance testing process.

Run Intelligent Survey Programs On Dista Platform

Transparent & Collaborative

Ready-to-deploy, cloud based, transparent survey platform. Offers visual insights into the field along with accurate geocoding of captured data.

Digitized, Real-time, Rich Data Capture

Ability to capture real-time field data in images, video and multimedia format for projects and BOQ. Offers end-to-end maps based view of the entire survey.

Low Cost of Project Operations

Enhanced speed and no cost overruns. Works with existing commodity smartphones, BYOD compliant with no dependency on expensive devices.

Here’s How Dista Survey Can Help You

Field surveys need to be the most credible source of planning for census, smart city projects, residential projects, infrastructure and road development, health projects and more. The success of such high investment projects lie in accurate data reporting, in-time project completions and relying on intelligent technologies to relay back the most important nuggets of data.

Dista Survey can help you overcome challenges that arise due to –

Silo-ed and disconnected operations

Manual, paper-based data capturing

Erroneous, in-coherent data capture

Lack of geo-intelligence in the field

Lack of consolidated view of projects

Negligence of best practices in the field

Loaded With Intelligent Features To Digitize Your Field Surveys

Conduct on-road and off-road surveys

Geo-tag all captured data points in realtime

Digitize data capturing via forms, pictures, and multimedia

Pre-designed and customizable survey templates

Permission and role based access to the system

Offline access, sync and availability

Real-time review of available data on web and mobile

Project assignment, job allocation & attendance management

Export survey results in KML/KMZ format

Private labeling and branding available

Maps based visual BI and reporting

Carry out extensive surveys easily with Dista Survey

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