Dista Track | Track & Manage In-field Assets | Location Intelligence with Google Maps

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Dista Track

Keep Track of Your Fleet in Real-Time With Google Maps powered Dista Track

Track and Manage In-field Assets with Dista Track

A Google Maps powered customizable platform that provides a enables you to effectively manage your assets and provides a simplistic view of your in-field assets from your operations control center.

Dista Track provides a platform to track your fleet

Up Your Productivity

Skip call based coordination and track all your field assets simultaneously

Reduce Operational Cost

Manage all the backend operations from a centralized system

Adapt Easily

Integrate this platform with your existing fleet management systems

Get Strategic Insights

Get visual and dynamic insights from in-app data in real-time


Tracking your freight vehicles and ensuring that they reach their destination in a timely manner is critical for your business.

Dista platform can address the challenges that the challenges that a business like yours may face while dealing with a moving freight of vehicles and cargo assets –

Limited in-field visibility of the operations

Traditional call based coordination

Missing field assets and delayed SLAs

Dependence on static location data

Limited coverage of operational zones and serviceable areas

Manual and un-informed decisions

Customizable & Ready to Deploy

360 degree view

Get real-time, in-field cockpit view of the entire process of fleet management from your operations centre.

Instant Alerts and Communication

Send live notifications, including SOS, to customers and operations team. Get updates on business, traffic, safety and government parameters.

Smart Decisions and Insights

Leverage geotagging to decide serviceable territories. Get BI with accurate dashboarding including detailed logs, heatmaps and visual analytics.

Business Friendliness

Integrate this multi-lingual, white-labelled, secure, custom branded and compliant platform with your existing systems through excels, CSVs, jSONs or APIs.

Keep Track of Your Fleet in Real-Time With Google Maps powered Dista Track

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