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Standardize and Validate Your Address Database With Dista Verify

Your business and your customer meet face-to-face at the customer’s address.

You should not be relying on a broken, inaccurate, incomplete, and unverified address for that.

Dista Verify is an address verification platform powered by Google Maps and built on Google Cloud. This sophisticated platform is built by Google Maps certified engineers and the algorithms can run through your loosely-defined address databases to return formatted and standardized addresses.

Reach the customers through accurate addresses, in a timely manner

Ease of Use

Bulk upload or enter addresses individually for verification

Save on Time

Reach the destination quicker with cleaner and specific addresses

Derive Insights

Nail the common data entry mistakes and enforce standardizations


Businesses are struggling to reach the correct customer location on time, even though they may own an exhaustive database of customer addresses. These databases consist of unstandardized and unformatted data, that possibly point to some other location than the actual correct one, and also result in a data gap when your organization is upgrading to tap into location intelligence. Your customers may, end up coordinating pointlessly with the field agents and your business reps, resulting in poor customer experience and loss of brand reputation.

Dista Verify can address the some of these common business  problems:

Manual address maintenance which is prone to errors

Hundreds and Thousands of unstandardized and unformatted address data

Missing chunks of critical information from address lines

Geo data is available in silos making unified access impossible

Voluminous, paper-based inconvenient processing of address data

Huge in-field time spent on finding the accurate address

Lack of tools to add real-time location data to the database

Lack of insights into the address database maintained in the system

Customizable & Ready to Deploy

Refine Address Data

Clean and normalize your address database. Identify invalid addresses. Navigate easily through the formatted database.

Import & Export

Import historic address data or capture live addresses. Export the processed addresses for operational use

Batch & Individual Processing

Bulk upload data or live stream addresses from the field manually for address verification

Intelligence Verification APIs

Find suitable default values for the missing fields in your database. Remove duplicate entries

Geo Coding

Mark every location with unique latitude and longitude. Use the formatted address for various business use-cases, like, doorstep delivery, customer site visits.

Regular Maintenance

Regularly check on the integrity, completeness, correctness of the address data. Rerun the APIs as needed

Standardize and Validate Your Address Database With Dista Verify

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